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How to Get Involved

Join our letter-writing campaign.

Easily send letters to share your view with your legislators, the petitioners, and other American mattress manufacturers by submitting a simple, 30-second form.

Get Started

Or, contact your legislators on social media or phone.

You can reach out to your state senators and representatives by phone or on Twitter. We've put together easy ways for you to call and tweet them, including a sample tweet and a script for your phone conversations.

Find them on social media.

On Twitter, write a 280-character caption and include your representative's handle (e.g., @SenPatRoberts) and the Investigation numbers 701-TA-645 and 731-TA-1495-1501. Then, add the hashtag #stopthepetition. On Facebook, go to the Town Hall Facebook page and send your elected official a direct message.

Find Their Twitter Handle Connect on Facebook

Call their office.

Contact information can be found from the following sources:

If for some reason you cannot directly contact your legislator, you can also dial 202-224-3121 to connect to the Capitol switchboard. When you call, ask to be connected to your senator or representative.

More resources are also available here.

Share the fight on social media.

Engage your entire employee base in the fight. Like our Facebook and Twitter pages and encourage your employees to do the same. Use the hashtag #StopthePetition to get our cause trending.

Visit our media page for a list of articles you can start sharing as a first step.